Rise with the sun and resonate with its glory.
Kiss the clay from which you were formed.
Toil with your thoughts.
Smell the grass. The soil. The production.
Run. Barefoot.
Let the silt fill nooks. Let the dew spring up. Let the leaves overtake you.


Of love and fresh cut grass and September.
Of your mother, the beach, and Sunday morning.
Tell them while you’re young.
To feel the breeze. To embrace the rain.
Sleep by the moon and rise with its descent.
Write. Because you can. Create stories.


Against inequality and disaster.
Shed tears, but give hands. Anger, but thirst. Fail, but start again.
Do not shy from battle.
Fight for justice. Rage for truth. Drive your heart.
Leave your sword on the field. Your pride in shambles. Your hands blistered.


Wrestle with your mind.
To the hilltop patches and river curves.
Let your soul weep. Grasp the gravity of your existence.
There’s today. And tomorrow, if only.
Do not live by a clock. Toss it out.
Live for the day.
Bask in the brilliance of your every breath.
Dirty your feet.
-David Ray

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