Antiquated Dreams

well-kept hair and a charming smile
grass stains cover your sin meanwhile
peddlin’ through life with your fists clenched
destiny slippin’ away with every step
where’s the sensibility?
metro rides and front porch magazines
your sheets to keep you warm
and all those antiquated dreams
put on that button and tie
slip off to your runaway high
those infinite plots grabbin’ at your coat
the stories you tell won’t let you go
where’s the sensibility?
new york style and false kept memories
those sheets won’t keep you warm
damn those antiquated dreams
tempted by the fate of man
you swept the rug, you washed your hands
love, you do, but don’t know why
what good’s the sun without its rise?
where’s the sensibility?
indie bands and sweet sung melodies
your sheets, they’re on the floor
where are your antiquated dreams?
-David Ray

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